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Who we want

Can you write a beautifully structured code? Can you design and plan games that moves people's hearts? Rakuten Games provides the best environment for people with passion and skillsets. We respect the individuality of our team members, putting them to the grind to polish their sense and skills, to shine like a diamond. As a business developer, you will start a new era and deliver game ideas derived from the exciting and unique technology to captivate people. In addition, to visually express these ideas, you as an artist need to have a great sense of creativity and of course, passion. If you're great at HTML5 and JavaScript, frontend engineering is the place for you. If Python is your thing, join our backend engineering team and bring our ideas to life! Not forgetting the perfect marketer who will bring our awesome creations to the world and keep up with the ever-changing needs of users.


Our Values

Enrich people's lives with HTML5 technology.

Our philosophy is to enrich the lives of people and society through a variety of internet services with HTML5 technology. By providing high quality services and satisfaction to our users, we hope to change the society, bring joy to many people, and contribute to the happiness in lives of people.

Aim to be the leading HTML5 company

Rakuten Games brings you innovative services with a strong business model, and strength in areas of operations, business strategy, code of conduct and we are constantly improving our technology as we aim to be the world leader.

Following Rakuten's 5 principle's of success.

  1. 1. Always Improve, Always Advance
  2. 2. Passionately Professional
  3. 3. Hypothesize→Practice→Validate→Shikumika
  4. 4. Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  5. 5. Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!


Operation of portal site where users can build a community and enjoy HTML5 games

Following other users and checking out their replays, clearing daily missions and getting rewards in the portal are some of the unique features that is only available on our site. We provide an attractive playground where you can enjoy a variety of benefits as a Rakuten member by incorporating the Rakuten ecosystem, the user can use or accumulate Rakuten Super Points.

Development and operation of high-quality HTML5 games comparable with native apps

We develop and provide high quality social games accessible with one-click, without the need to download like a native app game. By partnering with a HTML5 technology company based in Silicon Valley, we are able to develop a variety of games with unbeatable capabilities and innovation.

Reaching out globally with HTML5 games by collaborating with global platforms

By cooperating with messenger apps and IT companies, we aim to enter the Europe and Asia market early with the HTML5 games we developed, which can be played by a wide range of users globally, and not only in Japan.

Don Don Dragon

©Rakuten Games, Inc.

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Don Don Dragon

©Rakuten Games, Inc.

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Top message

Grant Clark

CEO, Rakuten Games, Inc.

Rakuten Games aims to be the HTML5 game industry leader in not only Japan, but also the global market.


  • GREE
  • Google
  • Kamcord
  • Co-founder of Kickit Ventures, an event organization venture to help energize the start-up community in Tokyo

Michael Carter

Board of Director, Rakuten Games, Inc.
Game Closure, Inc. CEO

As a lifelong technologist, I've made it my business to know what makes a product great and Rakuten Games is raising the bar!


  • Technologist and Serial Entrepreneur
  • Inventor, WebSocket Protocol
  • Contributor, node.js and open-source projects
  • Investor, Multiple Companies
  • Strategic Advisor, Stanford StartX

Staff voice

Rakuten Games has full of people with diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Our team consists of people from France, Taiwan, Singapore, Chile, Norway, USA, Germany, China and many more, adding up to a total of more than 10 different countries.

We will be introducing some of our producers and engineers on this page.





Rakuten Games has a fun and flexible vibe of a start-up company mixed with the power and potential of a large company backing. We are setting out to create a new gaming platform that revolutionizes the way that people play. In order to achieve our goals, we are looking for passionate team members who have the vision and knowledge to make great games. We need people who excel at communication, collaboration and getting things done. As a team we are moving forward in establishing not only our platform, games, and processes, but also our team culture. Come and join us in pioneering an exciting and successful future of gaming.


Game Engineer


Game Engineer

Why Rakuten Games
Working in gaming industry has been a long time dream of mine, but transferring from non-gaming industry to gaming is not easy considering its unique positioning in Japan. To learn more about Japanese gaming industry I have been creating indie games and having it published by using afterhours, it was challenging yet meaningful time.
When I heard that Rakuten, one of the biggest EC companies in Japan, is about to enter the gaming industry, I saw the same spirit of challenge as I do - not afraid to challenge new things, dive into new categories and continuously improving. I truly believe that this environment will be able to provide me with lots of opportunities for learning and self growth.

Work at Rakuten Games
I am currently working as game frontend engineer and in charge of coding for front functions that are used by players, including UI, game effects etc… All front functions will give a direct impact on how users will react to the game so you can continuously improve the functions based on users’ feedback which makes this job unique and rewarding. To make the game more attractive, learning and introducing new technologies is also a part of my job.

Attractions of Working in Rakuten Games
Rakuten Games is a place where I find coexistence of both Japanese as well as international culture. Even as a Japanese with no abroad experience, I find myself blend into this working environment easily. Thanks to friendly, funny yet unique co-workers who selflessly share their knowledges and experiences I could continuously improve myself and products qualities.
Rakuten Games is an organization where you can overcome cultural and language differences and aim for the same goal together.

Your Dream in This Job?
I would like to create hit games that everyone knows!


Product Manager/ CS


Product Manager/ CS

Why Rakuten Games?
When I first joined the company, there was no major player in the HTML5 games industry and I was excited to be in the forefront of an innovative and game changing business.

What is your job at Rakuten Games?
As a small team, we have to multi-task often. I’m holding two positions as a product manager and communications manager. I lead the platform team to develop a platform that matches and even surpass the other big players out in the market. On the communications side, I’m responsible for coming up with marketing strategies and growing our platform.

Anything remarkable about Rakuten Games?
The environment is very international, you can hear many different languages being spoken and it’s interesting how cultural differences can bring forth new ideas.

What is your career goal?
Creating the next big platform that all game developers would want to publish their games on.



Support Engineer

(Social Game/Platform) Support/Field Engineer

Job title (Social Game/Platform) Support/Field Engineer
Job description

Rakuten Games is a joint venture between Rakuten, Inc. and one of America's most innovative start up companies, BlackStorm. We are making exciting, high-performance HTML5 mobile and desktop games for the portal and other platforms.
We are looking for people who are passionate about making fun social games to be played by millions of users!

■Position Summary:
We are looking for support engineer who can help with 2nd and 3rd party game developers on technical side inquiries.
As a Support Engineer in Rakuten Games, you will support outsourced engineers regarding technical issues, working with internal engineers, game producers and project managers. To answer technical inquiries, you will need to review codes, conduct some debuging and creating documents for outside developers.
You will be the key contact person regarding technical issues for outsourced engineers, attending business meeting with 2nd and 3rd party game developers along with game producers is also an important responsibility so that you can answer their initial issue.
■Minimum Qualifications:
  • 2+ years experience in Javascript (ES6, react/redux), HTML5
  • Experience with front-end debugging tools such as Chrome DevTools, etc
  • Good documentation skill
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
■Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience in developing HTML5 mobile games (can be personal projects)
  • Experience in automated testing
  • Experience with Google App Engine and Python API development
  • A positive and constructive attitude
■Language Level:
  • English: Business level
    • Liaising with our overseas partners
  • Japanese: High Fluent Level
    • Must support Japanese external partners, need a good understanding of Japanese business manner.
Employment type Full time (3 months probation)
Job location Rakuten Crimson House, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
4 mins walk from nearest train station, Futagotamagawa Station
Work hours 9:00~17:30(7.5 hours)
Break time 60 mins
Salary Salary determined based on experience and current salary
Vacation Weekends, Public holidays
Paid vacation, Special vacation, Summer vacation, congratulatory/ condolence vacation, others
Welfare Social health insurance, pension, employment insurance, worker's accident insurance
Other benefits: Cafeteria (Free breakfast, lunch and dinner), paid transport expenses
Usage of Rakuten Crimson House facilities


Company Name Rakuten Games, Inc.
Location Rakuten Crimson House, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Capital JPY 100 Million
Representative Grant Trowbridge Clark
Services Development and operation of game portal and HTML5 games
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