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Who we want

Can you write a beautifully structured code? Can you design and plan games that moves people's hearts? Rakuten Games provides the best environment for people with passion and skillsets. We respect the individuality of our team members, putting them to the grind to polish their sense and skills, to shine like a diamond. As a business developer, you will start a new era and deliver game ideas derived from the exciting and unique technology to captivate people. In addition, to visually express these ideas, you as an artist need to have a great sense of creativity and of course, passion. If you're great at HTML5 and JavaScript, frontend engineering is the place for you. If Go is your thing, join our backend engineering team and bring our ideas to life! Not forgetting the perfect marketer who will bring our awesome creations to the world and keep up with the ever-changing needs of users.

Our Values

Enrich people's lives with HTML5 technology.

Our philosophy is to enrich the lives of people and society through a variety of internet services with HTML5 technology. By providing high quality services and satisfaction to our users, we hope to change the society, bring joy to many people, and contribute to the happiness in lives of people.

Aim to be the leading HTML5 company

Rakuten Games brings you innovative services with a strong business model, and strength in areas of operations, business strategy, code of conduct and we are constantly improving our technology as we aim to be the world leader.

Following Rakuten's 5 principle's of success.

  1. 1. Always Improve, Always Advance
  2. 2. Passionately Professional
  3. 3. Hypothesize→Practice→Validate→Shikumika
  4. 4. Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  5. 5. Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!


Development and operation of high-quality HTML5 games comparable with native apps

We develop and provide high quality social games accessible with one-click, without the need to download like a native app game. By partnering with a HTML5 technology company based in Silicon Valley, we are able to develop a variety of games with unbeatable capabilities and innovation.

Reaching out globally with HTML5 games by collaborating with global platforms

By cooperating with messenger apps and IT companies, we aim to enter the Europe and Asia market early with the HTML5 games we developed, which can be played by a wide range of users globally, and not only in Japan.

Top message

Grant Clark

CEO, Rakuten Games, Inc.

Rakuten Games aims to be the HTML5 game industry leader in not only Japan, but also the global market.


  • GREE
  • Google
  • Kamcord
  • Co-founder of Kickit Ventures, an event organization venture to help energize the start-up community in Tokyo

Michael Carter

Board of Director, Rakuten Games, Inc.
Game Closure, Inc. CEO

As a lifelong technologist, I've made it my business to know what makes a product great and Rakuten Games is raising the bar!


  • Technologist and Serial Entrepreneur
  • Inventor, WebSocket Protocol
  • Contributor, node.js and open-source projects
  • Investor, Multiple Companies
  • Strategic Advisor, Stanford StartX


Company NameRakuten Games, Inc.
LocationRakuten Crimson House, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
CapitalJPY 100 Million
RepresentativeGrant Trowbridge Clark
ServicesDevelopment and operation of game portal and HTML5 games
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